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ASQ Single Section Wall Mount Rack


Wall mount enclosures:

A wide range of wall mount racks are designed for the installation of both equipment and cabling.  Avanix wall mount racks are available in 10” and 19”,  depth from 280mm, 450mm, 550mm to 600mm to meet the various applications in the industries of data, security, etc.

There are single section wall mount enclosures and double section wall racks, shipped in assembled packing or flat packing.

ASQ single section wall mount rack

Features of ASQ single section wall mount rack:

•  Material: high quality SPCC cold rolled steel

•  Surface finishing: degreasing, pickling, phosphoric, powder coated

• 19” installation, welded structure, shipped in assembled packing

• Standing or wall mount installation, 4 pcs of feet are available when standing.

•  Removable side panels with side pins included, side locks are optional.

•  A full range of accessories are available to complete cable or equipment installation from cable managements, shelves, cooling systems to PDU (power distribution unit.)

• Cable entries available on top cover and bottom panel.

• Static loading capacity: 50kgs

•  Color: Black Ral9005, Gray Ral7035,

• IP20

• Width:540mm

•  Depth: 450mm and 600mm

• Enclosure capacity: 6U, 9U, 12U, 15U, 20U, 25U

ASQ wall mount enclosure-1ASQ wall mount enclosure-2