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C2P 2 Post Frame Open Rack


Post frame open rack

Post frame open racks are designed to install patch panels, cantilever shelves and lan devices in secure environments or in locations where space is not enough to use a standard cabinet.

There are 2 post and 4 post open rack, open racks could be installed on the floor directly or installed with wheels.

C2P 2 post frame open rack


• 19” post frame open rack designed for installation of both cabling and networking equipment.

• Material: high quality Aluminium.

• Surface finishing: Epoxy powder coated

• Post racks installed on the floor directly by screws.

• A full range of accessories are available to complete cable or equipment installation from cable managements, cantilever shelves to PDU (power distribution unit).

• Racks supplied in flat packing to save the shipping volume and warehouse space.

• Static loading capacity: 200kgs

• Color: Black Ral9005, Gray Ral7035,

C2P 2 post rack-12C2P 2 post rack-2