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Data Center Server Cabinet


Data center server cabinets

Data center server cabinets AFA series are made of high quality SPCC cold rolled steel and

Galvanized sheet. Patented duplex profile frames could be connected by 8 pieces of screws which ensure

quick and easy assembly.

Disassembled packing, stable structure, big static loading capacity, quick assembly and high ventilation rate make AFA series becoming the first choice of the server cabinets used in data center projects.

Data center server cabinet AFA series

Features of data center server rack:

• Material: high quality SPCC cold rolled steel and Galvanized sheet

• Surface finishing: Mounting rails: zinc plated; others: powder coated

• 19”mounting rails are marked with U height position.

• Mounting beams of AFA server cabinets are marked with numbers so the installation positions could be adjusted easily and quickly.

• Cabinet is with patented 19”standard installation structure and special designed frame connected by 8 pieces of screws.

• Ventilation rate of server cabinet AFA series is up to 80% due to high perforated front and rear doors.

• 4 pcs of lockable side panels are included.

• Sliding and adjustable cable entries at top and bottom, edges of the cable entries are designed to prevent wires cutting.

• Fan units are installed from outside of cabinets which ensure the easy installation and maintenance.

• Supplied with adjustable feet, heavy duty lockable castors, cable management system and mounting kits as standard.

• Cabinets supplied in assembled or flat packing, flat packing is recommended to save the shipping volume and warehouse space.

• Static loading capacity: 1300kgs

• Color: Black Ral9005, Gray Ral7035,

• IP20

• Width: 600mm and 800mm

• Depth: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1100mm and 1200mm

• Cabinet capacity: 24U, 42U, 47U