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H2 Outdoor Enclosure


Outdoor enclosure:

Avanix outdoor enclosure is a professional outdoor enclosure used in outdoor environment, like parks, mountains, roads, etc, which provide reliable mechanical and environmental protection for the daily operation of internal equipment even in the harsh natural environment.

The material of the enclosure body is Aluminium, which ensures the enclosures light and provides reliable protection.

There are full range of accessories, including cooling system, cable management, PDU, shelves.  

H2 outdoor enclosure

Features of H2 outdoor enclosure:

• Material: Body: Aluminium; Inner accessories: high quality SPCC cold rolled steel.

• Surface finishing: Epoxy powder coated

• The whole cabinet body is seamless which is welded with Aluminum, protecting the internal equipment from the interference of external harsh environment.

• The cabinet surface is subject to multiple protective treatment professional outdoor powder spraying, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, salt spray humidity resistance, UV resistance with more than 80% of reflectivity.

• With classic 45 degree guiding channel design, the enclosure body and door are seamless with the result of the pure polyester foam, ensuring sealing and waterproof and dustproof.

• The cabinet door is equipped with built-in hinge, and the opening angle is more than 100 degrees.

• Mounting panel is included to support the installation of different communications equipment and accessories.

• Good equipotential grounding conduction performance and strong protection ability against various outdoor electromagnetic pulse surges such as lightning.

• Cable input: from bottom (knock-down holes)

• Installation: pole hanging and wall-mount , mounting kits included.

• 19” mounting rails are marked with U height position.

• Static loading capacity: 50kgs

• Color: Gray Ral7035,

• IP55


• Temperature: -20℃-45℃

• Humidity: 5-85% RH(non-condensing)

• Atmospheric pressure: 60-106kpa

• Total solar radiation: 1120x(1±10%)W/m²

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