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USB Ports Charging Trolley


Laptop charging cabinet

Charging cabinets are designed with handles, removable doors and heavy duty wheels to help you have last longer batteries.  The charging trolleys are shipped in assembled packing and disassembled packing to give the clients more options.  

There will be directly charging via PDUs (power distribution unit) or charging via USB ports. If charging via USB ports, then charging trolleys could be only shipped in assembled packing for security.

Charging cabinets

Features of charging cabinets:

•  Material option for charging cabinets: high quality SPCC, Aluminium or Plastic.

•  ABS baffles are used to keep the laptop and Ipads separately.

•  The front of charging trolleys is the charging area of ABS baffles plates.

• The rear of charging trolleys is the power control area operated by professional working staff.

•  Metal charging cabinets are with security lockable front and rear doors for safety consideration.

• 2 cooling fans are installed on the top cover to speed the airflow and keep the stable temperature inside of charging cabinets.

•  Universal wheels allow the charging cabinets moving around easily.

•  Charging trolleys are shipped in flat packing to save the shipping space and warehouse space.

•  PDUs are included for the power distribution.

•  Input: AC 240V, 50/60HZ, 16A

•  Max power: 3500W

•  Output: 16A, 220-250V

•  Working temperature: 0-45℃

• Working humidity: 20%-80%